We are passionate about recycling here at Soapy Jane & have set up a system to recycle lip balm tins! Return your tin to us & receive a DISCOUNT on your next lip balm!


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We are passionate about making luxury handcrafted soaps all made with natural ingredients. They are perfumed with aromatherapy essential oils which blend well with different clays and ethically sourced mica powders.

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These evenings are great fun and leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed…

Don’t just take my word for it…here is what one of the ladies from our last live Zoom had to say…

"I really enjoyed my first Zoom pamper party! The questionnaire was very easy to fill in and it was so exciting opening the box when it arrived to discover all the different bits inside. The box felt really full and I felt like I was getting very good value for money. My favourite part was mixing all the different bits together to make the mask myself - it was like a fun little craft! Hearing all about the properties of the different ingredients from Jane on the virtual call was really interesting and helpful.

The packaging was sturdy but I liked that it was also eco-friendly and either recyclable or made from recycled materials. I have quite sensitive skin but because the ingredients were tailored to my skin type I didn't experience irritation like I sometimes can with face masks. It was soothing and my skin felt soft afterwards. The quality of the Zoom call was good and I didn't experience any audio or visual issues. On the whole, I really enjoyed it and would definitely do it again!"

Why not treat yourself to some quality ‘ME TIME’